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Free Legal Compliance Assessment Checklist

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The Occupational Health and Safety Act has one great fundamental change which impacts directly on the CEO of every organisation – personal accountability…


There are still many company owners, Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and General Managers who, because of ignorance, lack of concern or time constraints, still have not made the critical decision to comply with the requirements of both the Occupational Health and Safety and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Acts. Without proof of a reasonable attempt to provide the means within the organisation to comply, personal criminal prosecution will certainly be initiated where an accident occurs resulting in an employee being killed, becoming unconscious, losing a limb, is seriously injured, off more than 14 days because of the injury, contracts an occupational disease or any incident of a serious nature without injury.


There are far more possibilities that can go wrong than actually do go wrong in the workplace. Focus on identifying and reducing the possibilities of what can go wrong.


Legal Compliance Assessment Checklist

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